Create my free Microsoft account Create account. Age of Mythology The game that transports players to a time when heroes did battle with monsters of legend and the gods intervened in the affairs of mortals. Call upon the gods for assistance in flattening enemy towns with meteors or scatter opposing troops with lightning storms.

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The Atlanteans. Use their new units and abilities to add new challenge to the game — and try to dominate the world. Improved Visuals Game visuals like water, shadows and global lighting are new and improved. Full steamworks integration Gain access to achievements, trading cards, badges, and cloud saves.

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Enhanced Observer Mode Follow the action in enhanced observer mode! Minimum System Requirements Windows Vista, 7, 8.

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Recent News. Wololo Wednesday: January Contest and December Winners.

Greetings Wololo Warriors, and welcome to the first contest of ! But first, the winners from last month! You guys gave us a ton of holiday themed entries to choose from, We had SUCH a hard time picking only 5 winners this month, you guys delivered a ton of Age Of Empires. Wololo Wednesday Winner: October ! November Challenge Annoucement. Wololo Wednesday, Warriors!

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Welcome to the installment where I unveil the winners of the Spooky Halloween theme. So go on, grab your pumpkin bucket and Halloween candy share the Skittles, please! Posted by SAM Nov 1, Wololo Wednesday Winners for September! Pi memorisers club!

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  • Not to be confused with Pi club! Memorise Pi to at least 10 decimal places 3.

    27 December, 2018

    Villi Mortal posted 24 February It's rather limited though, becouse there aren't techs for everything you might want to do. I think FOG. Welcome to the desperate club. That makes two of us! Regarding this, I don't see anything else than what Villi just mentionned. I saw some new Vanilla Effects talking about Health and stuff like that There is a relic that makes myth units use their abilities more often Anyway, this giants soccer game already exists in AOM as I remember playing it, very funny though.

    Age of Mythology

    So why Destruction of Egypt. Gladius Iuratus Mortal posted 25 February I thought I was the only one too. I saw the thing for Giants Soccer, but I thought it was Titans only!

    If you can play on Vanilla Where do I get it? Anastasoulis Mortal posted 25 February Also, pls check the above mentioned scenario to see how the designer did it. Can't remember the one I played since the file I kept is just wrongly renamed soccer. Gladius Iuratus Another poor Mac user! There was a Mac user once, like 2 years ago who said he played Titans with his Machine.

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