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But other—and more specific—means and protocols include the following. This wired standard is used in local computer networking that is, in networked devices that are located in the same physical space and share a common router address. An ethernet connector looks like a large telephone plug; and like a telephone plug, it snaps into its host receptacle.

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These forms differ considerably in speed. The other advantage ethernet offers is range. You can string a very long ethernet cable that allows you access to a network where a Wi-Fi signal would have long since petered out. And that means what, exactly? It means that if your computer or printer or iOS device and a wireless access point sometimes referred to as ahotspot support the standard, they can connect and exchange data.

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In some instances the interaction may entail moving data between one device and another on the same local network; in others, it may involve connecting to the Internet wirelessly. The Wi-Fi can be less secure than an ethernet connection.

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  5. With ethernet, someone needs to tap physically into a network to intercept data; but with Wi-Fi, the interloper only has to be in the vicinity and have the means of intercepting and decrypting data, of course. Another wireless data transfer standard, Bluetooth has a shorter range about 30 feet than Wi-Fi.

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    Bluetooth is commonly used to connect peripherals such as keyboards, mice, trackpads, headphones, speakers, other nearby computers, and some portable devices to a Mac. It consists of a complicated series of technologies that are designed to remove the complication from local networking. A broadband modem is the box that should be connected to the cable that runs through your wall.

    If you have a DSL connection, it will be a phone line. If you have a cable connection, it will be…well, a cable. And if you have a fiber-based setup, it will be another cable. The box communicates with your Internet Service Provider. A broadband modem generally has several lights—some of which will blink. They include a power light, a status light, and a LAN local area network light. Get to know what these lights look like when your connection is working properly.

    If a green light suddenly turns red, you have a problem. If you have a Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and smart TV connected to your network, the router ensures that the right data gets sent to and from the right device. In most cases it handles this task by assigning individual addresses to each device. Routers can be wireless or wired. An AirPort Base Station, for example, is a wireless router.

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