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To hide a data series , simply uncheck it in the Legend Entries Series list in the left-hand side of the Select Data Source dialog. To delete a certain data series from the chart permanently, select that series and click the Remove bottom. Another way to manage the data series displayed in your Excel chart is using the Chart Filters button. This button appears on the right of your chart as soon as you click on it. To hide certain data , click on the Chart Filters button, and uncheck the corresponding data series or categories.

To edit a data series , click the Edit Series button to the right of the series name.

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The good old Select Data Source dialog window will come up, and you can make the necessary changes there. For the Edit Series button to appear, you just need to hover over a series name with the mouse. As soon as you do this, the corresponding series will get highlighted on the chart, so you will clearly see exactly what element you are going to change.

As you probably know, each data series in an Excel chart is defined by the formula. For example, if you select one of the series in the graph we created a moment ago, the series formula will look as follows:. To modify a certain data series, select it on the chart, go to the formula bar and make the necessary changes there. Of course, you need to be very careful when editing a series formula because this might be an error-prone way, especially if the source data is located on a different worksheet and you cannot see it when editing the formula.

And still, if you feel more comfortable with Excel formulas than with user interfaces, you may like this way to quickly make small edits in Excel charts. This is the example I googled and used to do the charts. See what you can do with this information. Sir, I want to make a students performance evaluation sheet along with their performance graph on each subject.

I have taken a filed as name rollno month subject skill grading remarks abc 11 april English reading 3 ddd 14 april English reading 2 abc 11 april pubjabi writing 3 abc 11 may English reading 2 ddd 14 may English reading 2. I want to extract the performance evaluation bar graph on individual name or roll no wise and also on individual subject wise.

What about this: Up top where you have , and charts, what if you have 10 charts like that, but they're all spread across horizontally in one worksheet? Would there be a way to automate getting the information from each year into a summary? Is it just not possible or did I miss something? I am following the instructions but the add button is grayed out when trying to select another data source. Is there something I need to update to be able to add?

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I am trying to great a comparisons graph. However, I have slightly different axis labels for each comparison.

How do I go about putting this into one comparison graph? Is it possible to create a chart from multiple sheets that will automatically update when a new sheet of data is added? How can I select data in different rows, the rows are not below each other, there are other data in between, to show on the same line in the graph. Where A1 is the first cell in the range. This will calculate the running total to row 8. OK, first I would create a monthly sheet for each of the the month's data they will contain.

Like January , February , etc. Then I would create another sheet and name it Progressive Total. This sheet will be updated by a link from each of the monthly sheet's Total cells. So, in each of these sheets I would create a Table. Tables have several advantages over a simple data table.

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Svetlana has a very good article here in AbleBits that explains tables. The link can be found by entering " How to make and use a table in Excel" in the search box. When your table is ready enter the range as I have it above; absolute and relative references. Enter it in an empty cell on the far right cell in your table where you want to display the running total.

Copy it down the column and each cell will display the running total. In the last cell of your table should display the Total.

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Again this can be done very simply with the Table. This is the cell you will link to the Progressive Total sheet.

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On the Progressive Total sheet create a table where each row corresponds to a total from a month. In the cell for each month you want to link the total from each month's total. Then open the Progressive Total sheet and click Esc and Save. The link in the cell should show something like "January !

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Where the first part is the name of your monthly sheet and the second part is the address for the Total cell. You'll want to click "Esc" after this so that Excel will know you're finished with the linking procedure. Then, enter the range formula in the first cell that will hold the running total and copy it down the column.

Because this Table is just like the others you can create a running total at the bottom which will be updated each time you update a monthly cell.

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So, create monthly sheets which contain Tables at the bottom of which are Total cells. Then, create a Progressive Total sheet on which is a Table that contains cells that are linked to the Total cells in your monthly sheets. At the bottom of this Table is a cell which displays the calculated running total.

Hi, I have four Excel tabs that I am working on and they are all full with numbers. Everytime I plot each tab separately all the graphs look good. I tried to plot L1 with L2 but it doesnt seem to be giving me the graph that I am expecting. Can someone please help me with this matter step by step please?

I am not sure what am I doing wrong. Tips If you put header labels in the table, they will automatically be used as data series markers, helping you keep track of which plot is from which column. You can choose separate axis styles for the primary and secondary axes, which means you can have a linear scale for one and a logarithmic scale for the other, if your data is more easily visualized in that format.

Warning Information in this article applies to Numbers ' It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions.

Creating Charts in Pages for the Mac

Video of the Day. Brought to you by Techwalla. References Apple: Create and Edit Charts. About the Author This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. In Numbers, you can import a spreadsheet with charts from Microsoft Excel. The imported charts might look somewhat different from the original, but the data they display is the same.

Tip: You can learn about different chart types in the Charting Basics template. In Charting Basics, click the tabs near the top of the template to view the different sheets; each one explains a different type of chart.

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Click in the toolbar , then click 2D, 3D, or Interactive. Note: The stacked bar, column, and area charts show two or more data series stacked together. If you add a 3D chart, you see at its center.